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DEMOLA Latvia Fall 2018

Experience the joy of learning and doing at DEMOLA Latvia Fall ’18 season!

DEMOLA Latvia is a program that gives a problem case to the student team that exists in major Latvian company. During a 4-month period of time (September – December) team learns and creates together, visits the company’s premises and collects overall information about the company and data regarding the problem. During DEMOLA YOU will have 10 lectures on Wednesdays evening that will be about, team-works, client need, problem validation, prototyping at RTU Design factory, opportunity to learn and develop presentation abilities at the 'mid' and 'FINAL' presentation on December. 

If company chooses to buy the solution, 100% of reward goes only to the team. 

Participation in the program is for FREE, because it's supported by Latvian Investment and Development Agency (Proj.No.. and it's covering administrative costs of the project.

GOOD news:

  • YOU can be from any Latvian education institution and study level ;
  • YOU can get up to 3’000 EUR for the solution, 100%;
  • YOU can get study credit points (ECTS);
  • YOU can choose the problem case when applying;
  • YOU can change yout choice anytime during the application period;
  • YOU can let DEMOLA decide which case you suit the best based on my application information;
  • YOU can get to know all the companies one by one as the application period goes on;
  • YOU can enjoy the process of learning by doing.

And the most exciting part: application is already OPEN for the first companies:

Not so GOOD news:

  • usually applicants are more than we can approve;
  • those selected during the first round will get a call from us;
  • YOU may be offered a position for a different case than what you applied for;
  • During the program, I will be away from my family and friends for approximately 20 hours a week ;

Just news:

  • Program is in English;
  • Each team has at least one international student;
  • Each team has a facilitator that will guide you through the process;
  • Teams are formed from different fields of studies;

Don’t putit off for later and apply here:

You can change your application information later on, but you might not receive another reminder to apply