Demola Latvia Season 2017

RTU Design Factory to Implement International Cooperation Platform Demola Latvia – Part of the World’s Strongest Innovation Ecosystem

Riga Technical University (RTU) in cooperation with its partners – Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) project no. “Inovāciju motivācijas programma” and the University of Latvia (LU) – have gained the rights and received the funding to establish and maintain a cooperation platform for students, companies and universities – Demola Latvia. The platform will be launched at RTU Design Factory in the fall semester. In the nearest future, the first students will be able to apply for international cooperation projects in the field of innovations. At present, it is possible to attest one’s interest contacting the facilitators by e-mail on Demola Latvia home page

Project coordinator Liene Rubina notes, «Implementing the concept, our aim is to involve all higher education institutions in Latvia and their students in Demola Latvia project, providing the opportunity to create added value in addressing the challenges posed by the enterprises. Demola Latvia is a perfect platform to establish and maintain cooperation among students majoring in different fields, universities, and entrepreneurs.»

RTU signed cooperation agreements with the proprietors of Demola concept – The New Factory and LIAA, thus becoming the leading Demola Latvia partner. LU is also going to be actively involved in the project; the university will be the institution in charge of implementing the concept in the territory of Latvia. The team of RTU and LU staff has already been established, currently it is working on implementing the project, development of the programs and bringing in the companies.

Demola has gained world recognition since 2008, when it was established in the Finnish city of Tampere. Demola Latvia was launched in 2014 as a cooperation platform for creative students eager to work, enterprises and representatives of various organizations looking for solutions to concrete problems.  Implementing a project, in three to four months Demola Latvia develops an action plan and methodology, provides mentor support and runs training seminars to ensure a cross-disciplinary student team reaches the envisioned results. If student ideas and final result are satisfactory, youngsters receive remuneration from the partner as stipulated in the agreement, in turn, the partner gets new creative solutions without being subjected to financial risk.