DEMOLA Latvia Spring 2018

DEMOLA Latvia Spring season

RTU Design Factory welcomes to apply for spring season for Demola Latvia – Part of the World’s Strongest Innovation Ecosystem

Riga Technical University (RTU) have gain funding by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) project no. “Inovāciju motivācijas programma” in cooperation with its partners the University of Latvia (LU) to establish and maintain a cooperation platform for students, companies and universities – DEMOLA Latvia. At this moment Fall season 2017 has finished with more than successful results. There were created 17 indisciplinary teams with 84 participants and brought in 16 companies, that provided 17 problem cases. Results regarding the number of solutions bought are not clear yet, because the discussions with companies are still in process. What is clear is that there will be more than one success story. Meanwhile the previous season is in the process of finishing, the next Spring season application time has been started.

Know and till 5th of January companies can apply to be a case givers for Spring 2018 season here: and we will contact you or communicate directly to DEMOLA Latvia communication: Liga Jupatova, +371 22304899.

If you are ready to put your skills to the test and co-create solutions as a member of an international& interdisciplinary team, from 5th of Janurary apply: for company cases that will be soon uploaded there. Read them through and apply for those that most suite your interests. Application for Spring season is opened till 5th of January.

Project coordinator Liene Rubina thoughts about Fall 2017 season: “DEMOLA Latvia is a learning process, during which not only participants, business representatives, but also coordinators and lecturers develop themselves. During this project it enabled to be involved to co-operation with other nationalities, develop teamwork skills, importance of priority setting and practice methods and open their creativity. Over the course of 4 months, participants have been able to create competitive, industry-relevant solutions by overcoming various personal and collective challenges, demonstrating the importance of such interdisciplinary projects in promoting inter-community, university and industry.‘’

DEMOLA Latvia Spring season will be better from perspective of an organization, providing feedback in order to make results to take shape earlier in the season and DEMOLA Latvia team also will more be involved in communication between teams and companies. RTU aim is to collaborate students skills with companies needs in creating innovative and new solutions that potentially would be bought from student teams and implemented in company. 

DEMOLA has gained world recognition since 2008, when it was established in the Finnish city of Tampere. DEMOLA Latvia was launched in 2014 as a cooperation platform for creative students eager to work, enterprises and representatives of various organizations looking for solutions to concrete problems.  Implementing a project, in three to four months DEMOLA Latvia develops an action plan and methodology, provides mentor support and runs training seminars to ensure a cross-disciplinary student team reaches the envisioned results. If student ideas and final result are satisfactory, youngsters receive remuneration from the partner as stipulated in the agreement, in turn, the partner gets new creative solutions without being subjected to financial risk.