Meet our facilitator - Mikus!

Demola presents their facilitators from around the world. As part of an international network of 14 countries, 21 locations, 100 facilitators and 20 nationalities, we are proud of participating in the inclusion of international talents in the global economy and embrace diversity. DEMOLA Latvia is spported by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) project no. “Inovāciju motivācijas programma”. Meet one of latvian facilitators - Mikus! 

Tell about yourself

I like to create and build! And I like to encourage people to create and build. I believe that regular education system and fact based learning is broken, Universities should concentrate on building community between students and empower learning by doing by providing meaningful opportunities like Demola, Business incubator activites, Erasmus studies and others, not teaching information in Lectures – Internet, Coursera and Youtube is for that.. So I’m a person, who is empowering people and myself to do and learn during the way!

Your background

I started business when I was 16 – my first business was advertising in school premises. For all the profits that I made - I bought a flight ticket to Germany and bought there a broken BMW, which I didn’t realize, because I had no experience in buying cars. After that I sold it for a price too low. Because I had no experience in selling cars :D

So now since then I have gained some experience in launching a board game “Time for Business”, sold 1000 units and put it online with Swedbank. I have created and I’m managing a University of Latvia Student Business Incubator, Now I’m running a small business accelerator –, consulting entrepreneurs, launching prototyping and few other studios. Also, have launched few e-commerce stores and created travel agency that sold skiing trips. 

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? 

Honesty to yourself and Honesty to others. Openness to opportunities. And being hungry for more...


- Sport that can hurt

- People that can inspire 

- Books that can open your eyes

Your aspirations!

My aspiration is to find the Holy Grail of creating a business for anyone who is willing to do that.

Funny fact about a project you have facilitated in the past.

I was helping one young entrepreneur, who was creating bicycle, longboard and other sport equipment designs. It was only the begging in business, so I did my best to help her start up. After few weeks of working together I receive a call from her and she said: “Mikus, I must say that I am quitting my business, because I received my dream job offer: to work in a ZOO”.
I mean seriously??  Not again!

What have you learnt in your role or being part of Demola?

People tend to learn by doing – if we want more learning, we want more doing!

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