Meet our facilitator - Signe!

Demola presents their facilitators from around the world. As part of an international network of 14 countries, 21 locations, 100 facilitators and 20 nationalities, we are proud of participating in the inclusion of international talents in the global economy and embrace diversity. DEMOLA Latvia is spported by Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) project no. “Inovāciju motivācijas programma”. Meet one of latvian facilitators - Signe! 

Tell about yourself

I would call myself constructive and creative at the same time. I love doing things from the heart or not at all. I am attracted to multicultural environments and appreciate simplicity in all the things and relationships. Demola and work with young people brings joy and good energy. Observing how people grow, open up their minds, discover new horizons, learn to do things differently and gain self-confidence while working on Demola projects in multidisciplinary teams – this is what motivates me to run the process!

Your background

I have a vast experience in project management, events organization, consultancy, mentoring, policy making and public sector at national, EU and international level, including working for the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs and UNESCO, and also in private sector within the fields of creative industries, design, innovation, cultural policy, cultural tourism, foreign affairs and HR.

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? 

Do good, be simple, act wise!


Singing – used to be a singer in a band and sing solo in competitions, now it’s more of project based singing and during friends’ gatherings.

Reading – books, publications, blogs and articles, especially interested in world development, global trends and design.

Languages – recently on a trip in Southern Italy my friend called me a sponge because I was able to communicate with Italians in “SpanEngItalian” and remember new words and expressions. Yes, I do love languages so much and would love to learn even more just to be able to communicate with people in different places I am going. At the moment I speak Latvian, English, Russian, French and some Spanish.

Travelling – this is what lifts spirit up, clears mind and strengthens, and I need it quite often. My wish is to go for a longer road trip in the Balkans and South America.

Your aspirations!

To lead a meaningful life and abandon things that distract from growing! To be more open to cooperation and trying out things differently! Worry less! Save the happy feeling! – This is what I wish to myself and others!

Funny fact about a project you have facilitated in the past.

One of the teams that I facilitated won the final pitch and as a gift they received a midnight – sunrise walk in… a swamp! This is where we spent the night with blankets, hot drinks and snacks ­– amazing experience together with the team and lots of fun while waking up with the sunrise!

What have you learnt in your role or being part of Demola?

It is important to inspire people and not to kill their self-confidence, show them new perspectives in doing things, so that they become motivated to strive to be better, develop their talents and generate awesome ideas. Friendly attitude is what helps to move mountains.

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