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  • business & concepts
  • coding
  • design & art
  • education
  • engineering
  • environment
  • governance
  • healthcare
  • media & communications
  • social science

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The brief

Jānis Vanags, airBaltic Vice President of Corporate Communications, has an idea to improve the brand perception of Latvia and its inherent traditions while turning attention of Latvian people to “eco-living” and “green” qualities.

The background

Janis Vanags as a representative of the company airBaltic reaches out to a mass of people annually via global media. Since in Latvia the “eco” niche is at the moment untapped, there is an opportunity to use the momentum very professionally in order to promote Latvia, as well as himself as the ambassador of the Green economy. We aim to use international and local sources of media to advertise and promote naturally green lifestyle of a typical Latvian and to recall the traditions to general public. Thus these actions will affect the future generations and support green lifestyle, which in turn will promote Latvia as an economically greener country.

The problem

Residents of Latvia have a unique opportunity to lead unmatchingly natural and green lifestyle compared to most of the other countries. What is more, Latvians are gifted with four seasons and all the treasures of nature spread around even the most populated cities, like Riga and Valmiera. Despite these facts, Latvians have forgotten their roots and tend to slowly drift towards urbanized, stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. Not many foreigners visit Latvia, but the ones who do, leave in awe of possibilities of slow living, whilst a typical Latvian struggles to find a few hours to go to the local seaside or forest. Moreover, the gift of nature is not limited to unforgettable views or fresh air which is perfect for raising children or doing physical activities, but it also provides bounties of nature, which are praised and cherished by the few who remain connected to the nature.

The solution

Reinforce the image of Latvia locally and later globally, specifically focussing on bespoke reference projects representing the “eco-living” and “green” qualities, that are part of the currently hip “mindfullness” and “slow living” trend.