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Customer relationship management in Riga Regional Affiliate of the State Employment Agency


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The brief

In Riga Regional Affiliate of the State Employment Agency around 15,000 unemployed are registered, making up to 25% of the total number of unemployed persons registered in Latvia. Employees often are not able to take necessary care about their clients because of their workload. Also, we have to deal with customers’ dissatisfaction because of incomprehensible navigation in central building (it is not easy to find specialist’s office). Riga Regional Affiliate (central address: Jēzusbaznīcas iela 11, Rīga) has 4 remote working locations: - Talejas iela 1 Rīga; - E.Smiļģa iela 46, Rīga; - Zemgales ielā 33, Olaine; - Skolas ielā 7, Salaspils.

The background

According to the regulations No. 876 of the Cabinet of Ministers of 18 December 2012 “Regulations of the State Employment Agency”, the State Employment Agency (SEA) is a direct regulatory authority operating under the supervision of the Minister of Welfare. The Minister of Welfare implements the supervision of the SEA via the Ministry of Welfare. The objective of the SEA is to implement the national policy in reducing unemployment, as well as supporting the unemployed, the job seekers and the people facing the risk of unemployment. SEA in cooperation with customers performing following main tasks: - register and record the unemployed and job seekers, provide information about their rights and obligations, regularly update and improve the registry and recording system, develop and improve the system for classifying the registered unemployed; - improve individual assistance to the unemployed to ensure the soonest re-entry into labour market; - organise cooperation and information exchange between the agency and employers, regularly update and improve the registry of vacancies announced by employers; - register and provide information on the vacancies announced by employers. SEA offered its services in all the regions of Latvia – 28 affiliates and 18 remote working locations for servicing customers. The opportunity to receive information on SEA services also provided in all State and local government customer service centres (SLGCSC). Responsibilities of an employment agent (employee) mainly include servicing customers in the cabinet individually or with other colleagues and their customers, finding out client needs and offering the most appropriate solutions. Responsibilities of an employee include providing consultations for customers about SEA products and services, and dealing with individual unemployment situations (aprox. 7,7% long-term unemployment – 12 month without job).

The problem

The main problem Riga Regional Affiliate is facing is the daily interaction with customers – customer relationship both from the point of view of customer service locations and navigation inside them, as well as from the attitude of employees and customers. The largest number of complaints about customer service SEA deals is from Riga Regional Affiliate customers. Sometimes customers choose to visit other closest affiliated branches (Jurmala, Sigulda, Ogre). The partner expects students to create a solution for better management of interaction, communication and sharing of information with customers. How to achieve modern, polite and kind customer service with small resources?