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Deliver the parcel from foreign e-commerce stores to Latvia



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The brief

It’s not a secret that many people like to buy things online from foreign countries, but most of the times you can’t choose your parcel to be delivered to Omniva parcel machine.

The background

Every year interest from customers about receiving their items from online stores in Omniva parcel machines grows, but for now, most often they have to choose the old fashioned way - to go after it to post office. As a leading company in the parcel machine markets in the Baltic States, Omniva wants to provide a chance for customers to use their network and get their parcels in more convenient and modern way.

The problem

There is no ready-made solution for us that would let all of our customers to receive their parcels from foreign online stores in our parcel machines. As the amount of purchases in most popular stores keeps growing, Omniva wants to solve this problem. We would like the team to come up with some ideas and examples from other European countries how they solve this problem. Maybe there is already made and proven model that works for other company? We are open to innovative ideas that is why we want YOU to come and join this project, together we can make changes that will impact many people across the Baltic States!