Finding customers in Germany


Project Skills

  • business & concepts
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  • environment
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The brief

Help become a major player in Germany between other business email service providers.

The background provides service for all Internet users for more than 15 years, it’s used by more than 64% of Latvia’s population, which makes biggest portal in Latvia. For all this time the number of activated e-mailboxes has gone beyond 10 million and is still rising every day. But what most of the people don't know is that the company also offers service for business emails, called, you can get an email with your domain name, similar to what Google offers for Gmail users.

The problem

The market for business email service is very big, for example, it's bigger than cyber security market (which is estimated at around 120 billion USD). Inbox hasn't found a way yet how to take a part of this money. But they want to change this! The company thinks that one of the markets where they could offer this service is Germany. For that, they need to know what is important for customers in this country, what competitors are already there, how much potential customer would like to pay for this kind of service etc. At the end of the project, the company expects that student team will have made research about Germany's market and they will know how to position and market this product in this country. Results should include the price for what they can offer this service for customers, what are the sales points so that customers in Germany would be willing to use this service which is provided by If you can find answers to these questions and offer other ideas that will help to get customers from Germany, apply for this case!