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The brief

No businessman or manager of institution wants to observe how a crowd of irritated customers jostle around your employees or wait in queues that stretch for meters. This results in both increased stressful situations for the employees and unpleasant experiences for the clients. Despite the fact that global world is moving to a very modern life style using latest trendy methods and technologies for improving people wellbeing, there are still hundreds and thousands of service providers who do not really manage to get in line with it, just because they do not know how to manage live lines. But Time is Value! Time is Money! Time is what we always need more and more!

The background

Mobilly has been the first company in Latvia offering modern mobile payments and services since 2005. By putting the focus on exceptional client service, we have achieved strong positions in payments for parking in Latvia and extended in selling mobile tickets for trains and intercity buses. Our service is used by 150,000+ private and 4,000+ corporate customers, making us the second most popular utility mobile application in Latvia.

The problem

Almost all public institutions and private companies providing services to citizens face a challenge – how to deal with the major problem - monitoring of the queues. Queue monitoring refers to the capability of tracking live lines of people who would like to sign up for services scheduled in future or would like to get some services right now. This case should be as a response to the problem of limited availability (long queues) of costly services in public healthcare institutions, social care, financial institutions, banks, other service providers.

The solution

Partner would like to get a solution for resolving a problem with a queues and booking a time of the service. Partner expects student team to develop demo of the tools that services queues and booking of time in different institutions (both state and private) and different areas – medical, car repairs, hairdressers – where queues and time management are part of daily routine. The demo should include the ways to book a visit/time over mobile applications and other means of booking (phone call, sms, mobile web, normal web), and integrated payment option for the service.