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How to improve delivery time?


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The brief

Costumer based services to satisfy individual needs in the exact time and place is the newest trend and the same time challenge of all businesses. Foodio main goal is to connect costumers and various restaurants in easiest and fastest way. In platform each person can find they favourite food, order it in online and get in their place. Partner is still improving the system and provide research to find the gaps and fix it as soon and efficiency as possible.

The background

Foodio is Latvian based platform, that connecting costumers and restaurants with smooth, simple tools to use system and allows costumers order from selection their favourite food of their favourite restaurants and in the end, have their orders delivered in their location.

The problem

Timing is the most important competitive advantage of logistic based company. We are all the time looking for possibilities how to improve our services, mainly how to improve delivery time (from moment that costumer order their food and get it in the place) and how to speed up ordering process to gain our partner and customer satisfaction. Partner is looking for suggestions and new concept solutions & ideas how to develop process and what methods would be used for improvement of process.