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The brief

All our life we have been used to meeting and greeting mailmen every now and then in our house or surroundings. Mailmen as quiet and responsible ambassadors every day do their work providing us with information that is so important to us – newspapers, postcards, letters and parcels to name a few. There are approximately 1500 mailmen carefully doing their work all around Latvia even in the most remote areas. The specificity of mailmen’s part-time job nature is that they work in the very early hours in the morning (for example, in the period between 5 am to 1 pm), respecting the efficient delivery timing to customers. In order to expand the potential employees’ network that would be willing to take the responsibilities to become mailmen, the working routines should be reviewed, as well as the overall attractiveness of the work nature improved.

The background

Post is of crucial importance to any individual and company, state and society. Our mission is to provide high-quality postal services throughout Latvia. Our mailmen reach even the most distant farmsteads and we can deliver postal items to any address in the world. We are always available to everyone everywhere. In addition to traditional postal services, we are developing new, innovative offers in order to become the best assistant to our customers in their everyday lives.

The problem

It is not easy to attract the right talent to mailmen job positions. Mailmen job is also regulated by normative acts of Latvia. Mailmen work specifics (early morning hours, part-time nature) makes it difficult for mailmen to combine their duties with other jobs. But there is always room for improvement. Latvia Post, as a responsible employer, is open to innovate the mailmen working process and organization, and expects the student team to come up with a solution that would help to attract more people to mailmen job positions. From students Latvijas Pasts expect innovative solutions to ensure efficient delivery (at the same time complying with all regulatory enactments regarding the Latvian Post) from the post office to the client!